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Featuring our first publication by Craig Shields, Hammond Synchronous Clocks Maintenance and Repair

Increase the value of your Hammond clock collection with Hammond Synchronous Clocks Maintenance and Repair. Over 100 clear photos along with step-by-step instructions will help you solve the most common problems encountered with these classic time keepers. This book shows how to repair the two most common Hammond synchronous clock movement types: The Open Rotor and The Sealed Rotor. Synchronous movements are used in hundreds of Hammond clock models. This book does not cover the Hammond Bichronous clock.

This book shows with photographs exactly how to:

  • Identify Hammond synchronous movements

  • Rebuild the Postal Telegraph and Gregory clocks

  • Diagnose common problems in Hammond clocks

  • Replace a worn or missing power cord

  • Clean the motor parts

  • Apply fresh oil exactly where it needs to be

  • Put everything back together in the correct order!

  • No special tools required

Also Included: A collection of vintage advertisements, patent drawings and rare ephemera to illustrate the rich history of Hammond. You will be able to identify by name over 30 different Hammond clock models with original specifications and 1930's prices!

Over 100 step-by-step photos plus detailed instructions make your Hammond clock repair projects easy and fun!

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